Sodium Mod


Sodium Mod greatly improves frame rates and stuttering while fixing many graphical issues in MineCraft

The Sodium Mod is a game-changer when it comes to performance optimization in Minecraft. Developed by CaffeineMC, it focuses on improving frame rates, reducing memory usage, and enhancing overall gameplay. By replacing the default rendering engine, Sodium Mod significantly improves the game’s performance, allowing players to enjoy a smoother and more responsive experience.

Sodium Mod is an innovative optimization mod for Minecraft, designed to enhance the gaming experience by improving frame rates, reducing memory usage, and fixing graphical issues. It’s a must-have for players who wish to elevate their Minecraft gameplay.

Minecraft is a beloved sandbox game that allows players to create and explore virtual worlds made up of blocks. One of the reasons behind its enduring popularity is the ability to modify the game through various mods. Mods add new features, improve performance, and enhance the overall gaming experience. Among the many mods available, the Sodium Mod stands out for its impressive performance optimizations and compatibility.

Sodium Mod uses modern OpenGL rendering techniques, multi-draw technology, and a more compact vertex data format, reducing CPU overhead and video memory requirements. It also employs multithreading for nearby block updates, reducing lag spikes significantly.

Key features

  • Uses modern OpenGl to reduce CPU overhead while rendering the world.
  • Compatible vertex data for rendered chunks allowing more video memory and bandwidth.
  • Uses multithreading to update nearby blocks to reduce lag spikes which are generally caused by chunk update issues in Minecraft vanilla.
  • Not visible chunk faces are culled very early in the rendering eliminating tons of geometric processing to increase performance. This option is best for you if you’re using an integrated graphic card and you struggle with performance a lot.
  • Optimization while chunk loading and block rendering. Making rendering more faster than usual. Now you don’t have to worry about being crashed while flying with elytra on.
  • Improved and optimized mob and entity rendering.
  • Improvement in the memory management of the game. By decreasing memory consumption and useless garbage improvising in the reduction of lag spikes.
  • Fixed smooth lighting without affecting a single core of your game performance.
  • The same goes for fluids and special blocks of smooth lighting.
  • Disabled animated textures for non rendered chunks.

Benefits of using Sodium Mod

  • Improved Performance: Sodium Mod’s primary goal is to provide players with a significant boost in performance. By optimizing the rendering engine, it allows for better utilization of computer resources, resulting in higher frame rates and reduced lag.
  • Reduced Memory Usage: Minecraft can be resource-intensive, particularly when using other mods or playing on large multiplayer servers. Sodium Mod tackles this issue by implementing memory optimizations, leading to reduced memory footprint and smoother gameplay.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: With the Sodium Mod installed, players can expect a more fluid and responsive experience. Actions such as moving, building, and interacting with the environment become more seamless, adding to the immersion and enjoyment of the game.
  • Compatibility: One of the standout features of Sodium Mod is its compatibility with other popular mods and optimization tools. It works harmoniously with Forge and Fabric mod loaders, enabling players to combine multiple mods to create their ideal Minecraft experience. Additionally, Sodium Mod is compatible with OptiFine, another widely used mod that enhances graphics and performance.

Download Sodium Mod

File NameSodium Mod 0.5.5
Size895 Kb
Last UpdateDec 13, 2023

Installation Guide

To install the sodium mod you will first need to install fabric. Using fabric instead of Optifine comes with many benefits. The main one is that performance on fabric when using performance improving mods will give you better FPS than Optifine. Fabric mods also update much faster than Optifine.

To summarise, think of Optifine as an all-in-one package while Fabric is barebones. By installing mods on Fabric it is no longer barebones and can become powerful. There are different mods that add different features, installing a mod called Sodium for example will improve your FPS drastically but if that’s the only mod you have installed you still won’t be able to use shaders. You need a mod called Iris which will allow you to use Shaders. These are both separate mods that add their own specific feature to fabric but by using them together you are able to reap the benefits of both mods. There are other mods that improve FPS such as Lithium and Starlight, by adding all of these mods together you get better performance than Optifine.

Step 1:
Go to and click on the “Download for Windows” button.

Sodium Mod

Step 2:
Open the fabric-installer exe file you download and click on the “Install” button. In this tutorial I will be using 1.19.2

Sodium Mod

Step 3:
Now that you have fabric installed you need to install mods that improve your FPS and allow you to use shaders. To get to the minecraft mods folder go to your search bar and type: %appdata%. Click on the %appdata% folder.

Sodium Mod

This will open file explorer and you need to open the .minecraft folder

Sodium Mod

After you’ve opened the .minecraft folder you need to create a new folder and call it mods

Sodium Mod

The mods folder is where you will install the fabric mods.

Step 4:
Now that you know where to install fabric mods you just need to download them.
Here is a list of mods that I recommend:

Fabric API
Why do you need Fabric API? A lot of mods require this so you must download it.

Sodium: Download Above
Why do you need Sodium? Sodium is a mod that drastically improves performance, better than Optifine.

Why do you need Iris? Iris allows you to use shaders, even if you don’t plan on installing shaders the option to have it may be useful.

Why do you need Starlight? Starlight improves performance by improving how lighting is calculated.

Why do you need Lithium? Lithium improves performance related to game physics, mob AI and block ticking.

Why do you need Farsight? Farsight allows you to view chunks outside of the view distance a server has set. This is very useful on creative mode servers. You can test this on my server, the IP is

Logical Zoom:
Why do you need Logical Zoom? This adds the zoom feature that Optifine has

Once you’ve downloaded the mods that you want, place them in the mods folder:

Sodium Mod

Step 5:
Open the minecraft launcher and make sure you’ve selected the fabric-loader profile that the installer created for you, then click play. That should be it, you have successfully installed Fabric! You can delete the fabric-installer exe file you downloaded because it is no longer needed.

Sodium Mod

There you go!! You’ve successfully installed Minecraft sodium Mod!!

Performance Boost (FPS Setting)

For fps keep all the sodium settings default. Other settings like Graphics and smooth lighting should be fast instead of fancy. Keep render distance as low as possible you can. Make sure to keep the Biome blend lowest. Simply just drag down all the video settings low to experience the highest possible FPS.

Sodium Mod
Sodium Mod
Sodium Mod

Sodium Mod delivers a substantial performance boost, revolutionizing the way Minecraft runs on various systems. Here are the key improvements you can expect:

  • Improved Frame Rates: By optimizing the game’s rendering engine, Sodium Mod significantly boosts frame rates, making gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Reduced Memory Usage: With memory optimizations, Sodium Mod minimizes the amount of RAM Minecraft consumes, freeing up resources for other tasks and reducing potential slowdowns.
  • Enhanced Gameplay: The performance enhancements provided by Sodium Mod translate into a more responsive and immersive gameplay experience. Whether you’re exploring vast landscapes, engaging in combat, or building intricate structures, you’ll notice the improved fluidity and responsiveness.

The Sodium Mod offers a remarkable solution for Minecraft players seeking improved performance and enhanced gameplay. With its focus on frame rate improvements, reduced memory usage, and compatibility with other mods, Sodium Mod has become a go-to choice for optimizing the Minecraft experience.

Incorporating Sodium Mod into your Minecraft installation opens up a world of smoother gameplay, increased responsiveness, and a more enjoyable overall experience.